Paradise for Boaters

Rödlöga is located in the outermost part of Stockholm's archipelago. It is possible to find a safe natural harbour in all winds, see chart below. Many of the wonderful islands are unhabituated and they can be visited, according to the Swedish “Allemansrätten”. Right of public access – a unique opportunity ISBN 978-91-620-8522-3 (

In the old fishing village on the main island there is a lovely café, a grocery store, a petrol station and a small museum. In addition, there are a few, marked walking/running paths, the longest about 4 km long. Shallow waters and abundance reefs can be frightening, but all is well presented in GPS and charts. Navigating isn't difficult any longer.


* The charts on this page are published with Hydrographica's permission. They recommend their large-scale chart 1:10,000, as well as the Harbor Guide 8 with harbor descriptions on a scale of 1:5,000 where the area around Megelskär and Seglarberget and Byviken are included (where Hydrographica produced the material).Charts and guides are available for purchase in both printed and digital form. Read more at and